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PT. Ardia Prima Kawanua

Strives to become one stop service provider for contract manufacturing and end-to-end supply chain management partner of customer’s products which allows customer to have control as if having own entity with flexible & best value cost.

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Our Services

Contract Manufacturing

Specialized partner to make products according to your specifications, helping you save time and resources for Medical device & Household Production.

Logistic 3PL

Ensure goods (medical devices) are efficiently transported and stored, ultimately ensuring that products are delivered to the destinations on time and in good condition.

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Product Commercialization 

Offers goods to potential customers which includes activities such as marketing, promotion, and presentation of the product to a target audience, addressing customer inquiries, and facilitating the purchase transaction.

Own your local product with less investment and cost

Product Assembly

Comply with regulation

Cost Control

Own brand

Inventory Management

Inventory Adjustment & Replenishment

Warehouse Transfer

Cycle Count & Batch/Lot Control

Out-bound Operations

Order Management

Picking Strategy

Allocation FIFO & FEFO

Why Ardia Prima Kawanua ?

Tailor-made service

Provide you with the flexibility and customization as costumer product

Quality Assurance

Flawless & efficient product design, which results in high quality product standard.

Transparent Cost Component

No hidden cost

Expertise in Regulation

Strong technical data which is easily adopted for meeting regulatory requirement.

Our Coverage Area

Provides services for East Indonesia